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Blockchain technologies adapt to business processes

Blockchain technology is becoming more and more adapted to support various business processes.  Chinese technology giant Huawei has applied for a patent on a new blockchain-based storage systems.
Chinese ICT specialist firm, Huawei is steaming ahead with its adoption of blockchain technology with a recent application for a new blockchain patent that focuses on storage devices and methods.
According to a Chinese corporate database called Tianyancha, on January 17 Huawei filed for the patent on a blockchain ledger storage and device, with the application announcement date set for July 14 at the time. Huawei has also recently partnered with the government of the Nanshan District of Shenzhen to build a Kunpeng industrial and ecological chain. The Kunpeng ecosystem will allow for open-source hardware and software, which is responsible for providing strong security for the digital economy, and both parties aim to construct a key financial platform to become a national benchmark. Advanced Blockchain technologies are easily scalable and can be used both in large international companies and in medium and small businesses. Don’t be left behind. Contact Lider Token today to find out how blockchain technology can be used to the advantage of your business.