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Cryptocurrencies — a direction for investment

Forbes Magazine has just reported that Fidelity Investments (one of the largest international fund management firms) president and director of digital funds Peter Jubber, on 26.08.2020 has filed paperwork with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) informing the regulator of a new fund dedicated to bitcoin.

The previously unknown Wise Origin Bitcoin Index Fund I, LP was incorporated this year and is being run from the same Boston headquarters where the investing giant manages $8.3 trillion in customer funds. The early documentation provides little in the way of details about the fund, We do know that the minimum investment to join the pooled investment fund is $100,000, indicating this is likely only for institutional and accredited investors.

However, to give an idea of how Fidelity might eventually use the newly revealed fund, the firm recently published the results of a survey of 800 institutional investors from the U.S. and Europe, finding that 36% of respondents were already invested in digital assets, while 60% said digital assets had a place in their portfolio.

It is becoming obvious that crypto currencies from a novelty are becoming a mainstream investments and blockchain technologies are becoming a core of various business processes.

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