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Decentralized blockchain applications in China

Blockchain-Based Service Network (BSN), a Chinese state-sanctioned blockchain infrastructure project, launched its English-language website for international decentralized applications developers on august 10th.

Developers are now able to build apps and run nodes on either permissioned Blockchains or major public chains through the global version of the network. Available permissioned Blockchains include Hyperledger Fabric and FISCO-BCOS, patented by digital banking company Tencent’s WeBank. Six major public chains are also available on the network now: Ethereum, EOS, Tezos, NEO, Nervos and Cosmos’ IrisNet. BSN touts that it is one of the few cross-chain infrastructure networks where developers can use the network’s internet services for different Blockchains under a standardized development environment. The cross-chain feature is enabled by BSN’s Interchain Services. Cosmos’ IrisNet and Chainlink contributed to the feature. The network also claims developers will have an easier user experience through its simplified and standardized development tools, which cost a fraction of what similar internet services from traditional cloud companies would.

As it becomes evident from this announcement, advanced blockchain technologies are becoming more common and their development is already supported by government agencies. Don’t stay behind! Lider Token offers both ready-made and custom solutions for various sectors of the economy and business. Contact Lider Token today to find out how blockchain technology can improve your business performance.