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Digital payments

The move to digital payments that provide better fraud protection and digital asset representation continues to accelerate, among other things driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and increased interest in digital currencies from banks and consumers alike. At the end of October, PayPal announced the launch of a new service allowing its customers to buy, store and sell cryptocurrency directly from their PayPal account. The company also announced its plans to significantly increase the use of cryptocurrency by making it available as funding.

In conjunction with the fact that Bitcoin has reached its historic highs, it becomes obvious that blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies have already reliably entered into use as advanced tools for interaction between companies and consumers. If you didn’t want to be the first or even the second, now is the time to consider the many cutting edge blockchain solutions so as not to become the last. Contact Lider Token today and find out how we can help your business with turnkey or bespoke solutions.