About Lider Token


  • Decentralized, high-speed p2p cryptocurrency;
  • The first cryptocurrency designed to encourage direct selling companies employees and customers;
  • Lider Token is distributed among company employees free of charge, subject to certain conditions of company.

Getting Lider Token:

  • Partner companies loyalty programs;
  • Project’s Airdrop;
  • Bonuses in the Telegram chats of the project;
  • Earnings on Lider Bux;
  • Participation in project contests;
  • Freelancers’ Exchange Lider;
  • Investment programs of the project and Lider BUX;
  • Affiliate programs of Lider Bux.

Application of Lider Token:

  • Payment for services on the Unified Digital Platform Lider;
  • Use for voting on the Unified Digital Platform Lider;
  • Advertising campaign payments on the Lider Bux;
  • Services payment on Freelancers’ Exchange Lider;
  • Organization of loyalty programs;
  • Participation in the economic games;
  • Payments for partner companies goods and services;
  • ExchangeAssets advertising orders.

Lider Token released on the Blockchain WAVES

  • Integrated blockchain — an ecosystem that provides all the necessary functions for implementing blockchain technology in a business;
  • Decentralized multi-purpose exchange platform (fully decentralized, transparent and controlled);
  • Lider Token — supports up to 6000 transactions per minute (up to 10 million transactions per day);
  • Ability to send bulk transactions to hundreds of addresses;
  • Minimal commission.

Name: Lider Token — LIDER

Asset ID: 6Fxc4XUFWhinfiFgPHFiJGBJHZiNVKYTtBWxs8fjdM5H

Issuer: 3PDVzAYyLVCbezBX4fSvJtgiS7TwgPcWPG1

Maximum Supply: 700 000 000 LIDER Token

Decimals: 8

Price: 0.014$


  • Decentralized cryptocurrency;
  • Designed for the use in decentralized applications of partner companies. Retail, pharmaceuticals and real estate dApps ;
  • Developing and implementing bespoke smart-contracts for partner companies;
  • And also for the use in loyalty programs.

Getting Lider (LDT) Token:

  • Participation in testing of decentralized applications — dApps;
  • Partner companies loyalty programs;
  • Project’s airdrop;
  • Project’s investment program;
  • Bonus — faucet on Lider BUX;
  • In the economic strategy «The city of Leaders;
  • Rewards and bonuses in the project’s Telegram chats;
  • Participation in the affiliate programs.

Application Lider (LDT) Token:

  • Payments for services in decentralized applications Lider ;
  • Use for voting in decentralized applications Lider;
  • Organization of loyalty programs;
  • Payments for partner companies goods and services;
  • Lider BUX advertising campaign payments;
  • Economic strategy «The city of Leaders»;
  • Participation in the economic games.

Lider Token (LDT) released on Blockchain ETHEREUM

  • Due to its flexibility and multifunctionality, Ethereum Blockchain is one of the most popular;
  • Ability to create decentralized blockchain projects of various thematic focus. This feature is available due to Ethereum virtual machine support for a wide range of programming languages for compiling smart contracts loaded into the blockchain;
  • Processing network transactions speed;
  • Smart contracts support;
  • Regular technology updates.

Name: Lider Token — LDT

Smart-contract: 0xB4cEB0A4b9cddB57C7A805910F88b416848b26B6

Maximum Supply: 250 000 000 LDT Token

Decimals: 8

Price: 8$

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