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Mastercard will start supporting cryptocurrencies

Whatever your opinion of cryptocurrencies – whether you are a fanatic or a skeptic — the fact remains: these digital assets are becoming an increasingly important part of the world of payments, both in the business world and in personal life. And now, the largest financial payment system, MasterCard, has begun to form mechanisms to send and receive payments in cryptocurrency. Mastercard recently announced that it will begin supporting selected cryptocurrencies directly on its network this year.

This will open up many more options for buyers and sellers, allowing them to transact using a completely new form of payment. It will also enable merchants to find new customers who are already using digital assets and help merchants build loyalty with existing customers who may be attracted to this additional option. And customers will be able to save and send money in a new way. The use of Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies will add an additional layer of security.

“We are here to enable customers, merchants and businesses to move digital assets — traditional or cryptocurrencies — the way they want. This should be your choice, this is your money.”- MasterCard

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