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Blockchain technologies for city services

As being reported by multiple sources, Polish city Olsztyn became the first City to use Ethereum blockchain for emergency services. The city is allegedly the first city in the world to leverage on Ethereum’s blockchain to assist in emergency services.

Olsztyn completed a successful trial of SmartKey, which is a blockchain technology connecting blockchain distributed ledger with physical assets, to aid in police, fire and ambulance services.

According to the reports, SmartKey will allow rescue teams to do their jobs more efficiently by connecting smart contracts to Smart devices that are used by local rescue teams. With this connection, emergency crews will be able to enter the buildings in the city without having to track down a key holder or wait for permission, which in turn will speed up the emergency procedures and may save lives and property.

Blockchain, which rather recently was only a novelty, is finding its way not only in aspects of business optimization, but also in key services, like emergency operations, becoming the mainstream of additional layer of reliability. Don’t be left behind. Contact Lider Token today to find out which ones of our off the shelf or custom made solutions, based on advanced Blockchain technologies can improve security and efficiency of your business operations.